In 1968 Harry Deal & The Galaxies decided to build their own recording studio. They wanted it to have a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which they could create really professional records. The main idea was to take away the pressure which exists in many studios. We felt then, as we do now, that when singers and musicians feel at home they can record better records. Of course we also decided that we would equip our studio with only first quality recording gear in order to combine the right kind of studio atmosphere with the highest degree of technology, this combination of great equipment, relaxed atmosphere and over 35 years experience in the music business will help you obtain the kind of quality recording you want and deserve.

Some of our label credits include: Atlantic, TK, Laurie, Mercury, S.S.S. International, Coed, Jubilee, Uni.
                                            OTHER SERVICES AT GALAXIE III
PHOTOGRAPHY complete photography, color and black & white, group and individual portraits, indoor & out, commercial and industrial photos.

PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS complete PA system installation for churches, schools & businesses. PA systems for all kinds of musical groups no matter what your budget requirements. Intercom and background music systems for homes and businesses.

STUDIO + REMOTE RECORDING we can record large groups in your school, church, auditorium, or club.                   Ask for details.

JINGLES commercial jingles done for Coca Cola, Sears, Holly Farms, Flavorich Milk, Lowe’s Hardware, Belk, Burger Chef, Mayberry Ice Cream, and many others.
STUDIO  RATES                                                       
16 Track recording  $50/hr
2 Track recording    $35/hr
Mixing + Editing      $35/hr